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In the distant future, the Earth is reeling from the fallout of a spore pandemic. The planet is no longer inhabitable. The remnants of humanity are scattered on 5 space stations on the fringe of the solar system, where some of the best scientists are conducting experiments in pursuit of a "cure" that grants immunity to the Earth's harsh environment so humanity can once again return to their homeworld.

You play as an experienced scientist who was just employed by an organization called A.R.K. A new spot recently opened up at one of their labs and you jump on the opportunity - but something is amiss. After a few weeks of working closely with some key members of the research facility, you begin to uncover the dark secrets hidden away in the depths of the station.


Yinting He - Programming and Script

Gareth Hudson - SFX and Script

Kristy Lin - Background Art and Script

Reilly MacKay - Character Art

Sanaa Memon - SFX, Script, UI

Music credits:

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


-Sheridan Game Labs-

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Published6 days ago
GenreRole Playing
TagsMultiple Endings, Sci-fi, Visual Novel

Install instructions

1. Download .zip folder.

2. Extract the folder inside the .zip folder.

3. Run the *.exe in the folder.


ARK.zip (165 MB)

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